About the candidate

I have lived in Arizona for almost 40 years and was raised in Scottsdale and then in 2002 opened my own small business called Panther TEK which specializes in solving computer and IT problems for both residential and small business customers. I also lived in Phoenix for 9 years before making the move to Wickenburg almost 2 years ago.  My business also moved with me as well giving the residents and businesses in Wickenburg another choice for IT services in the town.

Besides owning a business I’m the founder of Rally For Law Enforcement which is a pro-police movement that believes in supporting and backing our law enforcement. In 2016 we held a rally at Stone Park in Wickenburg where over 100 people including 4 law enforcement agencies attended. Presently, besides running my business the people of Wickenburg might find me standing in the middle of town with the Thin Blue Line flag to support our police. I have gone to many police agencies and stood out in front of their stations as well with the flag as well.

I have 2 cats named Liberty and Freedom and volunteer for the Alliance For Arizona Animal Protection which assists in helping animal rescue organizations across Maricopa County get the money and supplies they need to help the animals in their care.

I’m a Second Amendment advocate as well and believe that without it, we can’t protect our other God given rights guaranteed to us under the United States Constitution. To me the United States Constitution isn’t just some piece of paper, it’s the very foundation of our country and it should indeed be preserved and protected. I’m a conservative that believes in God and believes in standing up for what’s right. I’m not an establishment candidate, and like what President Trump is doing in DC by draining the swamp there, I want to do the same thing here in Wickenburg.  I believe in getting involved in the community as well so you can expect me to be active as a Town Council member. In August I hope to have your vote and would like to have the opportunity to be your voice on the Town Council.

If you are interested in helping out the campaign or have concerns please feel free to call me at 480-980-8541. I would love to hear from the voters. Thank you.