AZ GOP candidate meet and greet in Wickenburg was a success

AZ GOP Candidates in Wickenberg meet and greet

Posted by Patriot Movement AZ on Saturday, August 11, 2018

On August 11, the Rosen For Wickenburg campaign along with Lydia’s La Canasta hosted a meet and greet with Arizona GOP candidates in various races including LD13 House and Senate, Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, and Superintendent Of Public Instruction. The event was well attended with plenty of members of the public asking questions of the candidates. Thank you to Patriot Movement AZ for live streaming the event. If you missed it, click the video above to see the event.

Wickenburg Town Council candidate forum held

On July 19, 2018 a candidate forum was held for the Wickenburg Town Council race. Six of the eight candidates answered questions from both the hosts and the public. I had clear answers for the questions asked and simply told the truth. Listen to the entire audio from the forum.

Responding to voters’ concerns regarding mayoral recall petition

Update: the recall against Mayor Sickles has failed and will not move forward as the required number of signatures was not met.

As a candidate, I believe that truth and transparency in government is pretty important. Recently, 2 voters came to me with concerns about the recall petition filed against the Mayor and one of them provided me with a copy of the signatures of those who both signed it and circulated it. One of the voters simply made a public records request and thus was provided the petition information. They came to me because they were concerned about this issue.

Some of the names that showed up on the petition as signing, circulating or both include:

*Royce A Kardinal
Kelly Blunt
Samuel Crissman
*Ruben Madrid
Edward Temerowski
*Brenda Hershkowitz
*Julie Macias
Sandra R. Kester
*Ben Root
*David Alan Stander
Kristi Henson
John Harley Cook
Kathryne Wright
Rui Pereira

Brent Mckeever

*Circulated petition and signed petition.

Now you may not know the names, but Royce Kardinal, Samuel Crissman, Ruben Madrid, Rui Pereira, and Kelly Blunt are all current Town Council candidates. John Cook is a former Mayor as is Blunt. Ben Root is a former Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce president. Brenda Hershkowitz is the current Chamber president and Brent Mckeever is President-elect of the Wickenburg Chamber, and Sandra R Kester is a Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce board member. David A Stander and Julie Macias are currently running for Wickenburg Town Council. Edward (Ed) Temerowski is the current Wickenburg Fire Chief.

Kathryne Wright appeared in recent articles in the Wickenburg Sun claiming that her signature showed up on two petitions to recall both Kardinal and Blunt from the Wickenburg Town Council, yet that she didn’t remember signing them. However, her signature showed up more than once as signing this recall petition against Mayor Sickles on two different sheets. In fact, going over the recall petition sheets, several names showed up more than once on the recall papers. One name, Andrew Wunder showed up a few times as having helped circulate the petition. Wunder works for Strategies 360 which appears to be a public relations and political strategy firm which has offices in several states.

When voters have concerns and want me as a candidate to listen, I will do so because that’s the very thing TC members should be doing. For those that don’t know the reasons on why the petition against the mayor was filed. Here’s what the reason given was that was stated on the petition:

“Everett Sickles has caused division within the Town Of Wickenburg’s citizens and with the Chamber Of Commerce. Instead of healing both parties he has continued to add fuel to the fire by taking and seeking a suit against the Common Council of Wickenburg. He has told the Attorney General’s Office of Arizona that he believed the Council had broken the law renewing a contract with the Chamber. He has continued to attempt to bring the Chamber of Commerce down when the only item the Town has to do with the Chamber is a contract with the item for advertisement of the TOWN that brings businesses and PEOPLE to the the Town for the betterment of Wickenburg by funding the Chamber of Commerce with funds from the BBB tax. Everett Sickles should have been healing the Town not separating it and not a BLACK EYE to our Western Town. He has even talked about replacing the Police Department with the Sheriff’s Office to save money. What a big mistake that would be.”

It is important to note that Mayor Sickles didn’t state or make any statement that he intended on replacing the Wickenburg Police Department. Nonetheless, I did press to the TC that this recall petition should be put on the agenda and discussed by the public. The recall petitions for both Kardinal and Blunt were listed agenda items at one of the TC meetings. So why shouldn’t this one be as well? It was a question I asked a few tmes to the TC and received no answer.

BTW, I would further note that taking out a petition out against someone isn’t illegal but signing it more than once is questionable and in some cases in the eyes of the public could be considered a conflict of interest if public officials either circulate or sign it. I leave that up to the public and others to decide. I just believe that transparency when it comes to recalls, voting, and government is important. Having the public’s trust is pretty important if serving in a government position or capacity. Truth and transparency in government will definitely go a long way in healing the division in this town in my opinion.

For those interested in obtaining a copy of the recall petition, contact the Wickenburg Town Clerk’s office and go over it yourself. You’ll find it as enlightening as I did.

As I stood on the corner with the American flag on July 4th in the middle of dowtown Wickenburg, I noticed that all of the stores as well as most of the restaurants were closed. I’d like to see them open next year and the town flowing with people. We need to make Wickenburg a destination for visitors all year long not just during the winter season and early spring.

At the Wickenburg Town Council meeting held on July 2, 2018 I spoke out against Participatory Budgeting, socialism and stood up for the United States Constitution.  Play the audio file above to hear what was said.