The issues


There are a lot of issues facing Wickenburg and one of which is the threat of redevelopment. I believe in the restoration of old town Wickenburg. We don’t need to become another Scottsdale or Phoenix, we need to keep Wickenburg the old western town that is, not wreck it by tearing down historical buildings. The town’s rich history is important and must be preserved.

Upholding and defending the United States Constitution

Time and time again the Wickenburg Town Council has made the decision to continually violate the United States Constitution. One of which is putting up no gun signs at Town Hall which is a clear violation of the Second Amendment which specifically states that every citizen has the right to carry and that right shall not be infringed. I myself carry a firearm and believe in a person’s God given right to carry.  It has also been proven that gun free zones don’t work and will not stop the bad guys. Town Hall is also a public building that belongs to the people and they should have the right to carry into the building if they wish.

Besides the Second Amendment, I also believe in the First Amendment as well. The people have the right to not only peacefully assemble but also to petition the government for a redress of their grievances. There have been a few Town Council meetings where citizen’s rights to be heard have been trampled on. One of them happened in April of 2017 when the Town Council refused to hear the people’s complaint over the Wickenburg Chamber contract that the town entered into agreement with. Instead of allowing the people to speak, the Town Council chose to shut down and end the meeting.

As a candidate for Town Council I believe we must uphold, defend and protect the United States Constitution. All elected officials swear an oath to do so when they’re sworn into office. I will not take that oath lightly and it isn’t just another piece of paper to me.

A small business voice

If elected, I do intend on being a voice for small business on the Town Council. I myself am a small business owner and believe that every business in Wickenburg should have the chance to prosper and thrive. Small businesses create jobs and opportunity and small business also helped build this country . They also can provide much needed services to the residents of the town and give them options. Right now, we have an establishment that feels it can dictate which businesses are allowed to operate in town and those that can’t. That’s wrong. No business owner should be made to feel that they should be coerced or even be bullied to join a particular group in order to operate in Wickenburg.  A business owner should have the right to decide what happens with their business and to whom they decide to serve.

As a candidate for Town Council and even as a resident of Wickenburg I want small businesses to move here and to bring back Main Street USA which is has been lost due to urban growth. I believe that Wickenburg has a chance to be a small business hub given not only its rich history but also because many of the small businesses that are presently operating are family owned. To promote Wickenburg as a destination for small business will help it grow financially.

Transparency in government

I believe that if the government is to have the support of the people then it needs to be as transparent as possible. Currently, too many decisions that affect the town are being done behind closed doors. The members of the Town Council as well as the Mayor like any member of government work for the people, the people don’t work for them. The people should know what is going on in their own backyard and they should have a say regarding issues that directly affect them. We need to have a town government that is truthful and honest with the people they serve.